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Originally Posted by sonicbimmer19 View Post
I think 3 coupe was always different than 3 sedan.
They just didn't call it 4 series because of "3 series" and "M3" name.
Mercedes sedans and coupes look the same, similar to our 6 series coupe and gran coupe.
Starting with previous generation, E90 and E92 looked completely different and they wanted to change 3 coupe to 4, but held out.
And 3 coupes sold for about $5k more expensive than 3 sedans.
4 series will give it that "officially more luxurious, desirable, up marketed" look and I think they'll definitely be seen as different in the similar way we look at A4/A5
couldnt have said it better myself. that is exactly the case here which alot of people dont understand. the bigger the car the higher the number, plain and simple.