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Originally Posted by hwelvaar View Post
Oh here we go again...
Yes Levi, we all know by now that you are absolutely against turbo charging in M cars, you have been writing that for the past 6 months.

I'm sure BMW will have more time now (than with the 1M) to do more engine tuning. And especially for you, they can give that engine a different name.
So it will not be 'just a tuned' version of a motor that's also in non-M cars...
It is not about turbocharged engines in M cars. It is about how litte change was made or how little effort was done for the M engine. I can't say that about the M5/M6, engine, althought it doesn't sound like the NA V10, this engine is one of the best turbocharged V8's. I wish the same for the M I6.