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One thing that people need to consider while looking at those specs is that BMW has consistently downrated the numbers on their turbo engines, to a degree that BMW's nominal power is actually closer to what you get at the wheel, and not at the crank/flywheel.

Take a look at the m5/m6, for example - they're both rated at 560 hp and people have been coming up with dyno readings north of 540 whp.

With that in mind, a car that weighs around 3500 lbs with about 400~410 whp sounds like a real monster to me! And that's before even considering what extra power a simple tune could unleash. Yup, this thing's gonna be fast.

What also caught my eye is the transmission - it says mech right there in the VIN sheet! So thankfully bmw isn't ditching the clutch pedal altogether just yet! Great news all around, if you ask me!

I just wish they'd pay a little more care into developing the acoustics, so that this engine sounds good enough without resorting to a synthetic generator...