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I thought I'd read on here somewhere that BMW was not going to offer a M3 sedan in the F-series, only an M4 was what I tought. But I must be mistaken.

That said, regarding the wife/children issue, if you have another car, get the coupe and be done. I'm sure on the few occasions you have to cart the kids around and she at the same time needs to drive someplace else, you could drive the other car and let her drive the coupe. Or you can just put a car seat in the back of the coupe. You'd only have an issue if you have quadruplets, for I doubt the F82 will have 3 positions in the rear seeing as the E92 didn't. LOL But then if you have quads, neither car will fit the bill if your whole family has to travel together.

You had an E92, so you know that the back seat is far roomier and more accessible than one would expect for a coupe. Indeed, the room and utility of the rear of the 335, and no other single factor, is why I went with a 3 and not a 6. (I can't lie though and say I didn't think the 3 coupe looked better than the prior generation 6, but if the 6 had reasonable rear seat room, I'd have gotten over the looks difference because I really did want a 6er.) There's no denying that the F82 will be a sexier car than the sedan variant and more enjoyable as a result.

The short of it is that if you have kids, you need to have one car that can accommodate your whole family, but every car you have doesn't have to do that. And I'm speaking from experience. I have three kids, though two are grown and in college. But when they were all three youngsters, I had a coupe for me, and we had the huge S-Class hand-me-down from my parents that could also accommodate all of us around town, such as going out to dinner, or to a movie, or to church. Later on, I bought an SUV for family camping trips and trips to the shore, and for hauling stuff when we tried our hand at assorted DIY home improvements.

We just kept a set of car seats in the coupe and in sedan, and later in the sedan and in the SUV. A good thing is that I only ever had two at a time needing car seats.

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