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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
No, it's not ideal, but then neither is spending $60K+ on a car that isn't really what you want.
Not sure who you are referring to with the $60K+ car that isn't what they want? I loved my M3, and enjoy my current car just as much. Obviously in a different way.

Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
Kids, sure, but one kid, what's so bad about using the rear facing car seat in the front seat?
Rear facing car seat in the front seat is not very safe, even with the front airbag turned off.

Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
I think you missed part about if he has another car. It seems pretty straightforward to me. Whoever doesn't have to cart the kid/kids wherever, drives the coupe. If he doesn't already have a car that can handle the car seats, then sure, a coupe may not be the best idea. But then as you said, the problem of car seats eventually goes away. In which case how long one plans to keep the car is really the thing.

In any case, I didn't say I liked putting the car seat in the back of my coupe. But the quantity of times I needed to do that over some 10 years or so was maybe 20. All the rest of the time, I was driving a car I liked, hell, I liked driving it when the kids were in it. I just didn't like dealing with the car seat aspect on those few occasions.

Let's face it having kids means (for the typical person) your life becomes about compromise and giving up things. And I knew that going in. So, I decided I could bear a little personal convenience on my part with the car seat thing on the few occasions I had to accept the nuisance of using them in my coupe, and in return have a car I really wanted and enjoyed all those other times. And yes, sometimes my wife drove the coupe and I hauled the kids around in the sedan. But that was OK too because still for some 300+ days of the year, I was still happily speeding down the road in my coupe that I really, really enjoyed.
Everyone's situation is different, but there are lots of times when my wife may take the kids to school, and I pick them up. Which means one person (car) can't be the "kid hauler" for the day.
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