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Originally Posted by 09BlkSapphire View Post
Don't people read??

It says right there in the article that the M3/M4 engine is called the S55 and produces 415hp. The 1M has the N54 engine and 340hp.
You are partially right, clearly it won't be the 1M engine. But you also don't read well that post, that was the owner of a E90 M3 telling us that a almost stock (just partial exhaust, no engine tune) 1M engine was matching his and two other M3's hp while dwarfing their torque. You still wanna believe that 1M has 340 hp then? This means you should be believing that M3 in fact has 340 hp as well, instead of 414.

Since it will be a seriously worked (by M division) and more modern 3 liter in-line multi turbo engine, I am expecting a noticeable difference in hp of this new M3/M4 compared to 1M but not necessarily in tq figures. 1M already puts around 400 lb.ft (550-560 nm) stock which is plenty and would be difficult to better it by much from the same displacement engine with more or less similar turbo technology.

I believe real questions worth digging are:

a) What will be the real weight of the car on the road?
b) Will it redline around 7000 or go further and will it go up there strongly?
c) Will it have a lag free throttle response?
d) How will it sound, engine and exhaust?
e) Will it be available with a manual?
f) The hp and tq curves?

Answers to those matter much more than simply advertised hp and tq figures.

And a last thing, lots of people including myself always believed that 1M was essentially a test for the M division, before they make it large scale with following M cars, especially this M3/M4. They are going to apply what they learned and will invest on how well 1M was received. Isn't it so ironic that 1M was called the "parts bin car" borrowing heavily from E9X M3 and now the new M3 will be repeating almost exactly the same 1M formula?
"The mark of a great car is one whose overall competence exceeds what you should expect from its individual components and the 1M does just that", Chris Harris.
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