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Originally Posted by tuna_hp View Post
Really? The upcoming C63 AMG is rumored to use the same twin turbo 5.5L V8 as their larger cars. Which means that it will be stupidly front-heavy.
Actually prevailing rumor seems to suggest that the C63 will pack AMGs new 4L turbo V8 currently in development. No idea how much it will weigh but I'd guess about midway between an M156 and M157. The new V8 will probably be tuned to about 500hp for the w205 C63 with PP. Just as with past generations, expect the M3/M4 to make a bit less power and accelerate slightly slower, but deliver better performance overall (not least because of lighter weight). In other words, I suspect the 415hp S55 figure is provisional - it will be higher for the production car.
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