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Originally Posted by hwelvaar View Post
I've read through the entire thread.
Everybody's talking HP, and how BMW should set the benchmark.

Hate to break it to you people, but these are different times we live in.
My guess is that BMW, being a mass car producer (before anyone starts comparing with Ferrari and the likes), is aiming for benchmarks not in HP numbers, but in HP per liter, and in emissions per liter.

If they get the emissions per liter right, and deliver a platform that has less weight and the same HP figures as the previous model, they have a winner !

Again, US folks might not care, but most other people do, as many of us are HEAVILY taxed on both engine displacement and CO2 emissions, as this seems to be the way that many governments around the world are milking the cow (car) to the max, because they all need extra money, and semi-rich people are an excellent target.

Also, the M3 must be a halo car that shines down on the rest of the BMW car line-up. Efficiency does matter a lot nowadays.

My 2 cents...
TRUE and well said. More variables for such a large car maker to take into consideration that just HP and TQ numbers now.