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Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN
We keep talking weight which is great, don't get me wrong. But aren't inline six's inherently heavier than a V8 due to the crank? That's what made the E92 M's V8 lighter the the outgoing E46. Say this is true, that the 6 is going to be heavier in the nose (worse spot) then where is the weight going to be saved? I thought the cars over all dimensions were slightly bigger and that means more of the plastic reinforced carbon being used, which is sweet but I know a concern of mine would be sacrificing a quality feel in the name of weight. Ever see the Audi commercial where the guy closes the door with that comforting "thud" and the car falls out of the tree? We Beemer owners are gonna be getting that with thinly made body panels
No, the E92 V8 was only lighter because it was made from Aluminum, unlike the E46s cast iron block. If they use a new chassis (which they seem to be doing thanks to the different chassis designations, F8x instead of F3x) then I can see a 300lb weight saving being feasible.

I just wonder why in the hell they stick with the same displacement as the non-M engines. I KNOW they aren't the same engine, and so do car enthusiasts, (after all, lets not forget that EVERY M3 engine was based off of a regular 3 series engine. The E9x was the only one that was truly "bespoke.") but the average person will not think so. How difficult would it be to stroke it to 3.2 just to differentiate it slightly from the 35i motor to the average joe? And give it an extra 10 horsepower, please? Someone at BMW Marketing needs to be fired, lol.