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Originally Posted by Majdnoon View Post
I just wonder why in the hell they stick with the same displacement as the non-M engines.


How difficult would it be to stroke it to 3.2 just to differentiate it slightly from the 35i motor to the average joe? And give it an extra 10 horsepower, please? Someone at BMW Marketing needs to be fired, lol.
The stroke is already fairly long at almost 90mm. Compare against an S63 or even an LS3 or M156 (all V8s, I realize, but performance engines at any rate). And with a 91mm bore center the BMW I6 can't easily accommodate a much larger bore than the current ~84mm. More displacement can be had but it is not a simple task. The S54 and S52B32 used iron blocks to get to 3.2L via a larger bore. It is not likely that the aluminum block could accommodate that reliably.

Originally Posted by 3s-a-charm View Post
Wasn't the E92 M3 engine based on the M5 V10? I thought it shared DNA with that engine.
Right. But that engine family was an M original. In other words there was no N65 or N85.
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