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Let's seperate the M/// fans in here.

1: Those who track heavily
2: Those who track lightly and seldom
3: Those who rave for N.A. and high revs because of track experience and coming from N.A. history of ownership
4: Those who rave for N.A because of what they hear about it.
5: Those who hate turbos because they offer easy power and it hurts to admit it.
6: Those who have never tracked a turbo car , but hear about overheating and hpfp failure , and are SHIT SCARED about it , and judge this setup by fear and by lack of actual experience.
7: those who have actually tacked or driven a PROPER performance oriented turbo vehicle.
8:Those who aim at having a powerful street car that is daily driven and couldnt care less about revs and N.A.
9:Those who appreciate the racing pedigree and nature of a proper N.A. machine and feel attached more heavily to it because of this ( I do ) .
10: Those who have seen Advevo Chase that M3 at the ring and hate on the 1M just for kicks.
11:Those who have seen the same video and stupidly hate on the M3 , claiming it is slow because the 1M is keeping up
12: Those who have seen the same video and absolutly love both cars because both are spectacular ! ME!

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