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I'd love to see 300lb weight savings - that would be incredible right there.
I'm trying to envision where they come up with weight savings that substantial.

- M4 will get a CF roof.

- CF Boot/trunk lid will be left to the aftermarket.

- CFRP Bonnet/hood - that's a BIG MAYBE - but again more likely left to the aftermarket.

- CF Front Seats *MIGHT* be an option like those seen in the E90 M3 CRT.

- Haven't we seen a test mule with Carbon/Ceramic/Composite brakes? There is some good weight savings (unsprung to boot) but most certainly an OPTION.

- I know that BMW had implemented a forging/heating/cooling process that allows body panels to be thinner without sacrificing strength. If I remember correctly they were able to shave 20% of the panel weight for those panels. (It's been a while since I watched that BMW tech video)

So maybe with the above options, and a new chassis design focused on further weight reduction they actually could achieve such a weight reduction.

My best guess is they end up in the 3550lb range. With 415Hp/395lbtq and a nice weight reduction this should be a pretty killer car. 415Hp seems a low figure - I bet at release they do something like 440Hp or 450Hp. No matter what I'm still very excited to see what they come up with. The M-engineers absolutely know how critical it is to develop and deliver a killer M4.