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Last weekend a group of us hit the dyno and someone brought a 1M. With full exhaust and no tune it put down 330s HP and 370 TQ on a low reading dyno, matching all 3 M3s in HP and destroying them in TQ. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same engine in the new M3 which would be disappointing in that we wouldn't see a new engine, but the 1M engine is nothing to cry about.
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If its the 1M engine, I will try another brand. This comes from a lot of seat time in a 1M.
Just Sayin...

Don't people read??

It says right there in the article that the M3/M4 engine is called the S55 and produces 415hp. The 1M has the N54 engine and 340hp.
BMW is known for underrating their cars so that the numbers they advertise are very similar to the numbers they produce at the wheels. I've seen stock 1M's and 335is push 350-360 TQ to the wheels.

That being said, it surprises me that the M3's aren't pushing more HP at the wheels.

At the end of the day, have faith in M-division. They know their customers better than you may know yourself and they know how to make good cars. Yeah, that high-revving NA V8 in the E90/92 is a fantastic engine across the board, but don't write off the N54/55(S55?) due to the fact it has less 2 cylinders. The things that can be done with them are nothing short of witchcraft.
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