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Originally Posted by 96OCTNE View Post
Read this entire thread, If BMW doesn't make the new M3/M4 with AT LEAST

390 tq
weigh less than 3500lbs

I'm gonna look elsewhere. As some have mentioned, other car makers have similiar performance outside of power/torque alone within the $80-90k price range. If it barely outperforms my e92 M3 then in my eyes it's a failure. Sure make it more efficient but don't make that the main focus, that's what the i3, i8, etc are for. Show me maximum performance and power!

and knock the Porsche 911 Carrera S off of it's #1 spot...

power 400
torque 325
weight 3329lbs
1/4 in 12 seconds
What a ridiculous proposition. With 100 more torque, the new M3 should be in the low 12's/high 11's for the quarter mile. What's more important, though, is what they will have done with the suspension, handling and weight. The current F30 328i handles much better than the E46 M3. I can only imagine what the new M3 will be capable of.