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Originally Posted by heavystarch View Post
I'd love to see 300lb weight savings - that would be incredible right there.
I'm trying to envision where they come up with weight savings that substantial.

- M4 will get a CF roof.

- CF Boot/trunk lid will be left to the aftermarket.

- CFRP Bonnet/hood - that's a BIG MAYBE - but again more likely left to the aftermarket.

- CF Front Seats *MIGHT* be an option like those seen in the E90 M3 CRT.

- Haven't we seen a test mule with Carbon/Ceramic/Composite brakes? There is some good weight savings (unsprung to boot) but most certainly an OPTION.

- I know that BMW had implemented a forging/heating/cooling process that allows body panels to be thinner without sacrificing strength. If I remember correctly they were able to shave 20% of the panel weight for those panels. (It's been a while since I watched that BMW tech video)

So maybe with the above options, and a new chassis design focused on further weight reduction they actually could achieve such a weight reduction.

My best guess is they end up in the 3550lb range. With 415Hp/395lbtq and a nice weight reduction this should be a pretty killer car. 415Hp seems a low figure - I bet at release they do something like 440Hp or 450Hp. No matter what I'm still very excited to see what they come up with. The M-engineers absolutely know how critical it is to develop and deliver a killer M4.
I have to disagree with you on a few points.
  1. The F80 M3 was already spotted testing with carbon ceramic brakes:
  2. My guess is that we will see a bigger use of CFRP

Some things that you want to keep in mind:

BMW has at least a 15% sake in SGL Carbon, a company that specializes in Carbon Fiber technologies. BMW and SGL have a joint venture together. BMW and SGL have opened a plant here in the United States for the production of Carbon Fibers. BMW has committed to large scale production of the material. I doubt they would do so without a business case. The Fibers produced in the US will go on to be a part of CFRP components in the Germany plant.

It's highly possible that the M3/M4 may never see any of this extra CFRP due to the production of the i3 and i8 which require large amounts for their passenger cells as well as body panels. Maybe it's EQUALLY as possible that a small amount might be allocated to M3/M4 hood and decklid?