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Originally Posted by i001947 View Post
The sole reaon why I purchased my 2013 M3 instead a 2014 M3 was because of the 2013 N/A engine. To hear it ,feel it is just magic. And in my opinion respresents the last of BMW ultimate driving machines. I plan on keeping my 2013 M3 for the rest of my life.

Enough said!

mistake IMO. The new M3 will be a lot lighter with the smaller engine with much better tuning potential through FI. We all love the V8 M3, it handles like no other 3-serries, however the engine is lacking for an M. It sounds great but that's just about it, nothing special. In fact the N54 engine tops the S65 in terms of efficiency and tuning potential, hence the N54 for the 1M and the believed to be tri-turbo 3 letter setup of the F80 M3.
But i gota admit that S65 sure does sound sexyyy.

The I6 engine setup really is BMWs trademark, this car is going to be SICK.
Shoulda saved an extra year for the 2014 M3. I wonder how much horse they can get out of the new tri turbo engine