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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Does it matter if the M3 is eclipsed in the power stakes by an older competitor? to some that would ring true especially if there reason is just to have something pretty on the driveway to show off that they have the BMW M3. The iconic , admired performance car . of course I am not mocking the driveway M3 owners that is progress and if it was the E30 today it would still be the same.

To understand why the M3 is iconic then you have to look at the expertise in chassis engineering and dynamics development it is intensive it is unique to that car and of course that statement that the basis car has to be exceptional. BMW makes sure that happens , an M3 is more than just a package with sporting aerodynamics an M3 is all about that synergy between track and road just because your car is tested around the Ring does it mean your car is tailored for the Ring.

The M3's legacy lies within and that is where the car is born from, how do you make a great car even better and that justifies BMW M. Performance is more than just Performance. Precision is more than dynamics and Passion is more than a marketing meeting to justify a cause.
Every M3 is iconic and original the goal is to beat the previous model not a competitor as the benchmark for an M3 is an M3 or in this case , the M4 will stress to develop a new icon for BMW M.

BMW M know that each M3 must have that purely kinetic symphony and the most realistic synergy between road and the track that is why the M3 remains iconic , original and undefeated because everybody involved with this project know it has to be right, and as I said the imitators just get it wrong because they are too busy trying to best the M3 they fail to understand its legacy.
Which judging from the remarks in this thread some still continue to doubt.
An M3 has a legacy because it embodies progression why don't you wait and see before you judge.

I find it ironic that someone from ///marketing is blabbering about "iconic" this and "legacy" that when they're ready to butcher the ///M3 name for the sake of exclusivity and a bigger paycheck...

Also, Unless ///M has a trick underneath their sleeve with the new chassis (f80/f82), I don't see them saving 300lbs. Especially considering they already confirmed that the only CFRP that will be used is on the roof and the first BMW production vehicle to make use of the CFRP will be the new 7series.

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