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Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
New M3 is more suitable for people comming from a very big 5 series ///M5. Then the M3 and M4 slots nicely in.

But the new M3 will be far from a E30 or E36 and even the E46 M3. You need the 1M or maybe in the future the M2 for that.

The wheelbase of the new 3 series coupe is large. Too large if youre going to compare it to the E36 and E46 models for nice agile driving!

I also have owned an E90 M3. Nice engine but the car is to heavy and to big for agile handling.

New M3 will be even bigger. You do the math.

If youre in search of a smaller M5 then the new m3 is yours. If youre in search for a E36 and E46 ///M you need to wait for the M2.
It's a while I havn't seen you post. What would be you personal preference for the coming M2, a tuned N55 or an new lighter I4 M engine?