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Audi S3/RS3 Sedan = AWD
Mercedes CLA AMG = AWD
Audi RS4/5 = AWD
Mercedes E/CLS AMG = AWD
Mercedes C63 next gen = ???
Porsche baby panamera (future) = AWD option

All the Germans are doing it, come on BMW, give me a M2GC or M4GC with AWD option.

I had a C63 for 3 years, and got by just fine in the winter with winter tires, but switched to a 335 xdrive this year and LOVE it (also with winter tires), so much more fun to drive in the winter than the C63 was because of the increased traction when accelerating and in turns.

I think BMW is going to be suprised to see how many potential buyers go to Mercedes because of their AWD offering. Audi has been stealing customers for years because of it. AMG, M, S/RS all make amazing vehichles, can't say the same for all their "normal" cars though.