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Originally Posted by 1sikbmr View Post
the SMG in the e60 M5 was also a no option. I guess with the M3 it "cost" more so they charge you.
likely two reasons for extra cost of DCT in our E9X M3s:

1. BMW sales projections thinks manuals would consist of a "significant" portion of sales for our M3s.

2. Initial DCT development just finished, and the E9X M3 was the first car outfitted with this. BMW had to recoup development cost, so those who really wanted a DCT, would have to pay up for it.

I think these are the two reasons E60 M5 and the new F10 M5 offer manuals as a no-cost option...simply more SMG/DCT sales, and the SMG/DCT development costs has been recouped, or mainly offset, and if you're cynical, for production cost perspective, it's easier to offer a cookie-cutter option than to continue minor developments and updates on a 6MT.

just my thoughts, I think it's 100% a business, development cost reasons.