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Originally Posted by M54ccibo View Post
I'm with you Dave...right now, based on what I have heard, I am very interested in the 4. All depends on how it handles at the track. IMHO, it is have luxury feel for day-to-day use (M5) or parting with them for a more appropriate vehicle for track use (M3/4). The older I get, the more I think I may opt for the latter - dare I say P-car?
Well that's the thing. I think BMW ///M may be headed more in the direction of Porsche with the next M3/M4. From what we have gathered the next gen M4 will focus on being lighter rather than on adding more horsepower, but will retain RWD, and will have a higher level of luxury and convience than a Porsche. To me the M4 sounds promising if BMW ///M does these things:

Light Chassis: 3,400lbs or less.
Active ///M Differential: This is what really makes the RWD potent enough to compete with AWD.
Greater Torque (around 400ft/lbs): With the ///M Differential, we'll be able to use more torque more efficiently, meaning no more spinning tires off the line and such.

Even some of the fastest Porsches don't have any more than 450hp. I think the M4 is going to be very very fast with great luxury, tech features, design, and convenience. Plus I think it's going to look really cool with the 4 series getting a wider stance and lower roof line than the current E92.

Time will tell!
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