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Originally Posted by r3dbimmer89 View Post
I don't really think the market is asking for AWD per's just giving to them...everyone knows to get an Audi you have no choice but to get Quattro and most likely they buy Audis because Audis are cool and in style now.
I think you are absolutely wrong in that the market is not asking for AWD.
Let's look at the facts.

1. Audi sales are increasing = Quattro, Sales of Audi has been on the rise for over 5+years worldwide so it isn't because it is cool and in style now.
2. Ferrari, AMG and other high power/Torque cars are starting to hop onto the AWD be it either for traction or market demand
3. Willing to bet that Xdrive sales will beat RWD sales shortly if not already.
4. You can't give to the market AWD if they aren't asking for it, basics of marketing my friend as doing what you are saying is a money losing business model.