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Originally Posted by ToyotaBMW

This guy has no idea what he is talking about period.

Reason is if future generations of M5/M6 increases torque to keep in with the competition than BMW has no choice but put AWD on the cars. These cars already put out crazy torque number and to put more torque in future models to keep up with the competition without AWD BMW M5/M6 will either just spin it's wheels or have tires as wide as the car, or just spin it's tires while the competition drives away. Also the market is asking for AWD as we can see with Audi's increasing sales and AMG adding AWD.
Also to say AWD cars can't handle is retarded as the GT-R has supercar performance with AWD.
The M3 models are still ok with RWD because the torque and power is low enough that you can get traction.
Variable width tires using pockets in the sidewalls that inflate outward in response to DSC-sensor driven slip angles and steering inputs. For launches, pockets on both sides of each tire inflate slick-compound rubber. In corners, the outside edge of the outside tire inflates and the inside edge of the inside tire inflates. The inside front tire is inflated on both sides. Off camber corners are accommodated using camber sensors. At speeds above 100 mph (autobahn cruising), the inside edges of the tires inflate automatically to increase high speed stability.

This mitigates spinning tires on launch and also keeps the car from plowing when there is too much grip in the rear.