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Originally Posted by Echoz View Post
Its very simple, make all cars RWD and leave the xDrive as an option, just like you have the DCT with a Manual option. Some people will buy these cars with AWD and some will take them with RWD. But if you offer AWD, Audi wont be happy!
The problem with offering AWD as an options is just like the DCT problem. DCT is so popular that Porsche will be offering the GT3 just with PDK, the MT is gone. Just like how the M3 is the only M car available with a stick here and i'm sure for the next gen it will be a DCT only option. This will happen to RWD sooner or later if BMW starts to add AWD option. After a period of time, BMW M Boss will come in and say "We must keep up with technology, RWD is history" and such. What you said is nice and will solve all the problems, but that's not gonna happen. Not at least with current BMW managers who's their first goal is making more money no matter what.