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with regards to AWD/RWD and driving dynamics.....

BMW's contention of RWD giving a more precise and dynamic feel falls flat on its face in relation to the design direction of the rest of the cars, especially the M5 and M6. If you want precise and dynamic, you need smaller and lighter. If you are going to build large brutish luxo-powerhouses, that is fine, but in that case, give them AWD to get the power to the ground. The M5 can't get it's existing power to the ground effectively, and the dynamics are compromised by its size. Could you imagine a car with todays technology and materials in the size of the E39 M5? How about a 3800lb M5 with a twin turbo 4L V8 that produces like 470hp and 400 lb-ft. That car with 255/295 tires and RWD would be phenomenal.
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