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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post

Accelerating from 40 mph, I would grab 2nd gear for sure. But yes, it's quite a rush running through the gears while shifting at 8000+ RPM.
Do you really drive around like that all day? More often then not, when I want to pass someone I prefer to do it in a high gear (and at low-rpm) to avoid giving them an earful of exhaust. That's why I absolutely love the overboost on the 335is, of course going to lower gears will always be faster but it's nice to also have the flexibility to accelerate hard in the low and midrange. I can accelerate from 40 in 2nd, but I could also do it in 5th or even 6th quickly enough to pass whoever I want unless they're going full throttle (for some reason haha). I once raced my buddy's E46 330ci in my 135i, him shifting at redline and me upshifting at 3,000rpm in each gear, and we were dead even. These turbo motors have tons of power all over the place which can be entertaining in its own way.