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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
Do you really drive around like that all day? More often then not, when I want to pass someone I prefer to do it in a high gear (and at low-rpm) to avoid giving them an earful of exhaust. That's why I absolutely love the overboost on the 335is, of course going to lower gears will always be faster but it's nice to also have the flexibility to accelerate hard in the low and midrange. I can accelerate from 40 in 2nd, but I could also do it in 5th or even 6th quickly enough to pass whoever I want unless they're going full throttle (for some reason haha). I once raced my buddy's E46 330ci in my 135i, him shifting at redline and me upshifting at 3,000rpm in each gear, and we were dead even. These turbo motors have tons of power all over the place which can be entertaining in its own way.
I'd like to add to the reply above.

Do I drive around at 7 or 8k+ rpm all the time, no. Do I consistently use 6000-7000 rpm, you bet. Similarly, when I do want maximum acceleration I have absolutely no reservations/qualms/misgivings/hesitations, etc. about using the best gear and using the full 8400 rpm.

I think the debate can also be looked at this way. Is there anything wrong with gobs of torque down low in the rpm range? Absolutely not. The key thing is that in nearly all real world motors a strong low end torque curve is accompanied by both a low redline as well as a strongly falling torque curve some significant rpm below redline (another way to say this is you end up with a power curve having a peak with hump, again well below redline. You can really feel this type of power curve. It is the classic "nothing left up top" type of feel.

For me personally, if I had to choose between the two, I prefer the linear power curve and high redline. It's more fun and better on the track or in the twisties. Should you choose to push the motor and transmission, you get a big reward, both acoustically, in the vibration and in the visceral sense of acceleration at high rpms, not to mention the performance itself.
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