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Originally Posted by Sam335ix View Post
Well boys and girls, I have a decision to make next year! Either buy the new M3 or get the 2013 used GTR. The M3s numbers seems way to weak for 80k but I really like the way it looks. I am sure I will tune the shit out of it but... I can buy a used 2013 GTR and spend about 17k to upgrade turbos etc and get about 700+ HPs and mid 600 torque. I have one issue, GTR is a bit ugly or is it me? I normally don't post about stuff like this but I am torn.... I for once want to get a bang for my money but can't get over how freaking boxy the GTR looks.

If 4dr M3 vs GTR, definitely GTR. If M4 vs GTR, for exterior would be M4, but regarding for speed, definitely GTR.