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Originally Posted by SEI View Post
M3 is much more exciting and comfortable inside..

The GTR is extremely fast and handles very well but no thrill... i get the feeling like no matter what i do the car is gonna save me.. same applies to traction off.

If you love driving go for the M3

If you want to be the fastest and the best and let the car drive you go for the GTR

Had both prefer the M3, Heck.. my 335i makes me smile more then the GTR..
I'm sorry but if you think driving your 335i makes you smile more and less thrills than the GT-R, then you're not driving it properly or anywhere near its limits and the GT-R is not for you.

The M3 isn't anywhere near in the same league as the GT-R, which competes with the super cars of this world. The GT-R has lapped Nürburgring 9th fastest ever by a street legal car at 7:18 min. Here's a video of the GT-R against the Porsche 911 GT3 at Nürburgring 24h race. This car has ultimate respect within the racing community.

And if you think the GT-R is no thrill and easy to drive, again, you're not driving it properly and probably just driving to the shopping mall or something. Here's a video from Motor Trend pitting the GT-R against a Porsche Turbo 911S. Note where he says the Porsche has lighter steering and less involving and smoother, easier to drive; whereas the GT-R is more fun, like a soul trying to escape the car. The Porsche wins in a straight line drag (due to more hp and torque) but the GT-R makes it up in the twisties.

Anyhow... the bottom line as others have said is the M3 and GT-R are really very different cars and so it depends on your preferences. If you want to play and race with the big boys, it's the GT-R. If it's for mostly everyday driving to/from work or the supermarket and you want luxury, comfort and the brand name, then get the BMW.