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Originally Posted by SEI View Post
im sorry but i lost respect for the gtr when i went sideways at 290km/h and with barely any effort the car straightened itself out.

im not saying the GTR is a shitty car but i dont have fun in it because no matter what happens i know the GTR is going to save me..
my whole point was the m3 is so much more fun then a GTR. if you want to impress people on how good "you" can drive then get a GTR.
i buy my cars to make me happy not to prove to people im fast or anything like that. so you are right the GTR is not for me.. i need a lunatic's car like an m3 or gt2.

you live in toronto so you should know how it is when it snows.. i was in the GTR on the 427. and when its snowing you should know they dont plough the very left lane. i was on that unploughed section going 180km/h and the car just twitches a little (yes at 200 it starts becoming unmanageable but at 180 the car feels completely stable and safe). i had my friend in the next lane doing 140 and he was struggling (to be fair he was on summers still).

on track the car is retarded as well.. you are incredibly fast... faster then almost everything. but its not you thats driving..
You seem to be saying the the GT-R is too balanced and well made and thus less fun to you. Using this evaluation criteria, you must love American muscle cars (more on this later).

And I'm not sure that driving 180km/hr on the 427 hwy (where speed limit is 100km/hr) when it's snowing is a smart thing to do. And you were doing this on an "unploughed section"?? You're nuts! And your friend had on summer tires in the snow going 140? You've got to be kidding??! You may not care about your own lives but could kill someone else. With all due respect, I hope to never to meet you guys on any road in any weather condition.

On a lighter note and back on topic. There's this show on the speed channel called R U Faster than a Redneck. The one I watched had the suped up E46 M3 and stock GT-R going against 2 American muscle car. The M3 loss badly due to not enough HP. The GT-R went up against a 650 HP race tuned muscle car so it was also dreadfully short on HP. Even so, the GT-R killed the much more powerful muscle car! It was a slaughter!

An excerpt of that show can be found HERE. It's all in fun but it's another example of the beast that's the GT-R.