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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
What the heck is that white wagon that is hauling ass near the mid-end of the video??
Any Ring rats on here? When the test M3 passes the wagon, it's on the right. Last time I was driving the ring my friend, (a local, lots of ring time) gave me crap for passing someone on the left, said it was a rule to only pass on the right?

Originally Posted by DASHOCKER View Post
this car will make the competition go back to the drawing board.
As someone else said, probably not. The F30 335 is slower & handles worse than the outgoing E90 (C&D), the M5/6 has, at least in reviews, fallen significantly behind (how the hell is the new M5 heavier than the AWD S6?!?!). BMW has been heading in decidedly the wrong direction as they continue to pander to the average consumer in this fight to sell more units than Merc or Audi. Enthusiasts are a minority, I understand. BMW wants to make a profit and possibly sell the most cars which means pandering to the average Joe, not the enthusiast, I understand. I just don't like it.

Originally Posted by Jblack4083 View Post
The exhaust sounds quieter and quieter every video. Reminds me of the weak 911 Turbo sound or a slightly tuned 335i
Well, what do you think it is? It's a factory tuned 335. But to be fair, that's exactly what the M3 has always been of course, a factory tuned 3 series. We just got used the M3's and M5/6's having bespoke V8/V10 engines. Now they're just tuned versions of the stock ones.

Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Yeah, it just sounds like a 335i with a mild exhaust. Not too impressive.
Exactly, first thing I thought was it sounds like my car. Nothing wrong with that for a 335, but I'd never say my car sounds the best. Just not possible when the exhaust is routing through an turbo. But it's certainly not the back of the neck hair raising sound we've always had in the M3.
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