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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
It is almost impossible, that an I6 based on the N55 can attain an redline of 8.000rpm ... the only BMW turbo engine which would be able to do this, is an S63Tü based V6 - because of his square cylinder design.
This engine, an 3.2ltr.V6 BiTurbo has run into an endurance test on the engine test bench with this 8.000rpm ... which has probably led to the rumors of a redline of 8.000rpm for the new M3/M4 engine
But the probably next M3/M4 engine, an 3.0ltr.I6 TriTurbo will almost certainly have a redline of ~ 7.000rpm.

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How come were assuming that more than just the engine block from the S55 will be used and bored out? the 991 GT3 engine is extremely different than that of the Carrera S even though the same block is used initially. Is there a source that indicated they would be very similar?

Assuming the M5 revs to 7200rpm, I think it would be impossible for the M3 to rev lower than that. I think realistically we should expect 7200 or 7300 as the minimum. 7200-7600 would be expected, 7600-8000 would be a nice surprise.