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Thurman Murch

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Yeah the E46 had more of that raspy in your face metallic gear gnawing noise

The thing is the E92 has it too you just got to really get into it... I do agree the.E9x has a little more soundproofing but still is way radical to stretch out the gears... prob more due to smg vs dct

The F8x will be that stealth sound except for the exhaust... Especially after it is broken in you'll get that drone at 60 and the nice exhaust note at cold start up lower gears through freeway structures, parking garages and tunnels but won't have that race car sound as you climb to red line

I still bet this car will give oh shit factor in curves and hopefully it will come with an extended torque boost timeframe of more than 7 seconds

So I'm thinking they will say it has 414 hp, 395 tq but has temp tq boost to 435-450 and will it have the 7 speed manual or 8-dct?