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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
I can tell you that there is no way in hell I am buying the new m3 unless it has 450 horsepower at the very LEAST. Sorry 400 or 415 just does not cut it when everyone is going bigger.

Sadly the only choices for a high strung NA motor is becoming porsche, audi and ferrari and lambo of course.

Ill just jump into an R8 v10 when the next gen comes out. 400 hp m3 will simply get slaughtered by teh competition
If you want hp go buy a corvette or GT-R. I really hate when people start demanding these stupid outrageous unusable horsepower #'s and manufacturers keep making cars bigger and fatter and way out of touch with the driver. Take a look at a E-30 compared to a E-92 and you will see the e92 looks like a 5 series compared to the little m3. Drive them both and even though the E92 will smoke it in lap times and performance the E-30 is the car that you will want to drive. Whats next a 1000hp 5000 pound M3 with 22 inch wheels, awd to put the power to the ground, full of electronic nanies so your average joe can drive it and brag to their friends "look how fast i can go", and heavy seat that massages your scrotum while you out drag the guy in the cobra? I would rather have a 2900-3000 pound M3 with 400 HP than a 3600 fat ass car with 500.
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Compensating a heavy car with horsepower is like giving an alcoholic cocaine to sober him up...

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