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Originally Posted by track_warrior View Post
I did didnt I.

Its just ridiculous how easy it is to drive those car's fast and how out of touch they feel. GT-R forum peeps hated when i said i was selling the car because it felt electronic and numb, i got so bored of daily driving it and tracking that i completely lost the passion i had for that car. And this is a car i have always wanted to own since the R32 GT-R version was around, you start to loose that passion the moment you dont feel involved with the driving and this tends to happen when manufacturers start putting hybrid system's mated to huge engines to meet fuel economy regulations as well as performance demands by the market. I think the HP race between audi, bmw, cadillac, and mercedes is ridiculous. I hope automakers go back to basics and start focusing on light weight technology instead of compensating with huge hp numbers, huge wheels, and brakes for their fat ass mess.

That is what Alfa Romeo has done with the 4C. What are the opinion?

- basic interior
- 4 cylinders
- only 240 PS