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Thought about the new F80M3/F82M4 engine!?

Even a little "wild idea" for the new M3/m4-Motor ... stimulated by some sound analysis!
  • According to the statements of many who have heard the F80M3 live or on good videos, the F80M3 sounds just like a Porsche 911 ... but an boxer engine it will certainly not have !!!
  • The only BMW which really sounds like an Porsche 911 is the i8 ... and has an B38 I3 with 226hp under the hood !!!
  • The F80M3 should have an I6 under the hood ... but sounds completely different from any other I6 BMW and Alpina have to offer itself !!!

A three-cylinder engine for the new M3/M4 definitely will not come... and an six-cylinder turbo engine has indeed been confirmed ... and therefore the question is, how this "R3"(Porsche)-Sound could come into the M3/M4 ... could it possibly be, that under the hood really works two B38 I3 engines - with similar stage of development as in the i8 ... and although the two engines share block and crankshaft ... otherwise they operate as two independent three-cylinder engines, with its own Turbo-/Intake-/Exhaustsystem ... the result would be an 3.0ltr.I6 BiTurbo with two twin scroll loader ... plus probable electrical assistance at low speeds, in order to generate an M-worthy response ... and a capacity for up to max. (2x = hp) 452hp!

Greets Uli_HH

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