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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
Not saying that we Europeans don't like 'Vettes and 'Stangs. One of my favourite cars is the 1969 Boss Mustangs (302 and 429) and the new Shelby Mustangs are awesome as well as the new Boss 302 Laguna Seca.

But the V8 soundtrack isn't MY favourite BMW M sound. It has a great idle sound (better than many of the 6cyl cars) but it just doesn't sound like it actually revs to 8400rpm when you hear it accelerating. Just check out the videos from the 'Ring and every E9X M3 sounds like they short shift (at least to me...). It's kinda like when you expect it to really come alive, there is a gearchange.

And the person who compared his E9X M3 with the sound of a Ferrari 458 must have heard a kit car with a V8 in it... The Ferrari V8 in the 458 has a flat crankshaft design (180 degree crank) just like F1 V8 engines has. Thats why a F1 V8 (like the Cosworth DFV or a new V8) does not sound like a V8 at all. Basically the 180 degree crank makes the engine act like two 4 cyl engines.

A E9X M3 does NOT sound like a Ferrari 458 in any way and it can't because their engines only thing in common is the V architecture of the block. The two very different crankshaft designs makes all the difference in the sound they make.
I agree that it does not sound like a Ferrari, but it does sound similar (at least to my ears), and more importantly, V8 engines have a great racing sound in general. I don't think the new M3 is going to be a bad car, I'm sure people are going to be hysterically happy with the new electric steering, etc.... but it is very disappointing that the new model only managed to output 1 HP over the previous M3 and 100 lbs of torque with turbos. I just don't know how they can sell this.... Mercedes, and Audi are producing V8's and V12's NA, great performing engines, and sound.