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Originally Posted by SwnSng View Post
unless you plan to have the M4 as a non-daily driver, you are going to look like Douche Dad lugging his baby out of a coupe.
So I wonder how those passing judgement will know whether the car is your daily driver? Maybe you just mean your neighbor down the street?

In general, strangers don't know the full story of your life so there isn't much value to be gained from their opinions, and even less value to be gained from presuming or guessing their opinions. Some things are dead-obvious. If you punch your kids in the head, yep, you're a douche (much worse actually) and people will know. But if you drive a certain type of car? It's just a bit neurotic to worry about some obscure ramifications of that, don't you think?

I've carted my kids around in convertibles regularly since the day my first was born. So, if I am a douche, well, at least I am a happy douche who has lots of fun.
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