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Originally Posted by mlambert890 View Post
I've been around the M3 since the E30 and I agree with him. I wasnt enamored with the E46 M3 at all honestly (*esp* the sound which doesn't stand out in my mind *at all* actually) and at that time stuck with the 330xi. The V8 in the E92 was something different though, and really drew me in.

I am pretty sure me and him aren't alone in that opinion. I think its unfortunate that BMW is going to a FI 6 format for the F80, but it was probably inevitable.

Eventually the M3/4 will probably look like the AMG C63 and those of us who don't want a drag car will have to stick with Porsche.

I'll reserve judgement for the final unveiling, but I'd be very surprised if I find the *sound* as good as the V8.

same thing applies to a GTR... wicked fast, i think of it as playing a video game, except you go to the options menu and select drivers assist, brake assist, and automatic shifting before playing the game, anyways, the point is, that V6 for what that car can do, does not sound heavenly... nothing sounds as good as a good ole V8 (or V10 or V12) rumble, and especially not a FI6 or FI4...