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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
You are correct, peak volumetric efficiency is reached at torque peak. I should have quoted 90-95% VE at torque peak instead of the 80-85% at power peak. It was a bit late at night when I posted...

Can you quote the source of the 106% VE for the S54B32? I am very surprised by this high number. Street cars with their intake and exhaust plumming, filters and catalytic converters have quite a lot of restrictions that hamper VE. There was another thread on the topic of VE, there were a lot of assumptions but not many hard facts.
Its in one of the technical handbooks I have in my garage, tech/spec and BMWs workshop-guidlines for the S54. Could not find it online though.
But heres a link to a different forum, if you scroll down the page you`ll find a guy called Mash3 stating the same number for the S54.

Not the most credible source maybe, but the best i can give you her and now.