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Originally Posted by Rumspringerdaily View Post
For some reason I just dont think the new m4 is as big of a engineering jump from e92. Not like the big jump between e46 and e92.
Besides a V8 what made the E92 such as special M3? Everything the e46 M3 defined had carried over, EDC/E-Diff and Enhanced Sound were the only really big ones that stood out to me (e46 M3 didn't get electronic suspension and kept the same sound system as the regular e46 cars)

I will argue the difference from E36 to E46 was MUCH more substantial and paved the road for all future M3's, especially US model.

+ Got the proper high output motor
+ Quad exhaust was introduced
+ M3 side gills were introduced
+ M3 power dome hood was introduced
+ M3 Steering Wheel introduced