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Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
BMW uses twin scroll turbos to get much of that VGT bang for MUCH less buck. Those blowers are EXPENSIVE.
Yeah i know they use twinscroll i wrote earlier in this thread that my guess is that the M3/M4 will use two turbos in sequential a smaller twinscroll and a bigger singlescroll.
I have read here and there that BMW is testing that type of setup and i think that would make sense as you can have a broad powerband.

I dont think the VGT turbos used in many diesel cars is that expensive but the ones used in the 997 Turbo may be so as the metal needs to cope with the higher temps.

So say that they use one VGT Turbo instead of two or three conventional they maybe able to cut cost and that could be a smart idea as a VGT turbo act as a smaller and bigger turbo in one for a broader powerband without the comlexity of two or three turbos that may be sequential controled.