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Originally Posted by .:R View Post
Really? Have you seen the motortrend comparo of the S4 and the f30 335i, they decided to pick the S4 as the more enjoyable driving car. Also a magazine in my country, a reputable one too (not some Topgear rubbish) liked the new spec 2013 a4 over the f30 328i saying it handled alot better and was better balanced and more enjoyable.... you might be surprised when u drive an f30 3 series and decide your lucky you have an S4
I have an S4 and almost had a F30 and while the 3er has become bigger and audi has become more sporty...the S4 is still a heavier and more forward weight biased car. They've improved in the understeer department by biasing the center diff torque split more to the back and moved the front axle forward relative to the engine, and even with the rear active diff the car still understeers. You can throw on sways+links along with a Alu Kreuz to help, but you are still fighting physics to rotate the nose.

I find it hard to believe that an A4 was considered a better handling car than a 328i, wouldn't even be a contest if the 3er has a m-sport kit, the N20 is a much peppier engine than the 2.0T - plus the weight difference really takes a toll. F30 IMO has biggest issue with power delivery due the to lack of a rear LSD. Hopefully the new M4 will be much lighter a la the E46 chassis, I think the F8x is going to kick some serious ass.