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It will be a good fight i am very intrested to see the outcome. B9 RS5 vs f80 M3. ... cant wait! my guess is that the Audi will have more HP they are quoting 475 while BMW quote 450. M3 should be a bit lighter. Like it always is (no front diff). But will it be light enough to outway the traction advantage the RS5 will have? So many variables.
Yes and don't forget to include the ~500hp W205 "C63" AMG as well which very likely will have AWD available too.

Both cars are also so far away still. 2014 for M3 and 2015 for RS5 right?
Although the author of this thread pitted a sedan against a coupe, in reality it will be the M4 and RS5 competing for buyers. So 2015 at the earliest. That said, I don't think the next RS5 will get here that soon anyway. Probably 2016/2017 which still puts it much closer to the A5/S5 release than was the case for B8.

Incidentally, with BMW redoubling efforts on the M3 sedan and Mercedes clearly keeping their investment in the C Class AMG sedan, I would actually be very surprised if Audi chooses to ignore this market again and thumbs their nose up at a B9 RS4 sedan. So I'd expect to see that one, possibly debuting before the RS5.
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