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Originally Posted by drob23 View Post
I'm a car noob, but my understanding is the I6 is better balanced and more refined in terms of vibration, not sure about performance differences.
Right, it is a better balanced engine but I was only addressing the point made about performance. Since we are not talking about engines anywhere near their absolute physical limits as far as the output is concerned, there are no performance differences.

Audi on the other hand needs the B8 platform to satisfy everything from the RS5 4.2 to transverse mounted CVT A4's.
There are no transversely mounted engines in the A4 (nor any other Audi of that size or larger), nor is the MLB platform designed to accommodate transverse engines. That is a job for the MQB platform.

As a side note, I've read that Audi's current 3.0 engine is pretty outdated in terms of engine tech...
The new VAG 3.0L turbo as seen in the Panamera will most likely replace the supercharged V6 in the next five years. It will also take over for the naturally aspirated V8 in its current 400hp+ applications (i.e. RS4/RS5), except maybe for the R8 (too early to call, plus next R8 may be 500hp+ only anyway).

Regarding your earlier post about RS5 availability, considering the B8.5 *just* went on sale here in the US, makes me think a new RS5 is still quite a ways off (3 years minimum). I haven't followed cars for very long, but Audi seems to have strange RS model availability, even more dubious in North American markets.
Agree, that is why I say 2016/2017 too. Both the B9 A4/S4 and W205 C Class arrive next year to take on the F30. AMG models will come in 2015 to join the M3 and M4, RS models will lag behind that somewhat.

Audi is working to bring RS models earlier in the cycle. It used to be that there was only one RS model on sale at any give time and they were very short run cars by design. Now there are many (just two in the US right now, however), and they go for multiple years.
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