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Originally Posted by DeltaAir View Post
Having just jumped into the E92 M3 arena, I sometimes still wonder if I made the right choice between that and an S4 as a daily driver. The days of natural aspiration are numbered and that alone is the most intriguing part of the outgoing M.

Having little experience in an Audi beyond some extended test drives, they have a fantastic product that is aided by technology to improve the driving experience; whereas, BMW is almost decaying their experience with the introduction of technology.
I loved my B8.5 S4! with the Stasis Tune that thing pulled! However, having just traded it in for a '13 M3, I'm veryyyyy happy with my decision! This car puts such a shit eating grin on my face every time I start it I just love this V8! The Audi did everything really well; it was comfortable, it had a ton of power, cooler Nav (Google Maps), supercharger whine, rear fogs, amazing traction, etc. But the intangible factor of wanting the M3 for so long I couldn't pass it up! I just drool over my car when walking to or from it; never did that really with the S4. I just looked at it like "Man it needs wheels and it'd probably sound better with an exhaust" but with the M3 I'm completely content with it stock..for now (the mod bug is strong in me) But I'd definitely consider Audi again in the future no doubt
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