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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Ha ha, you do crack me up, you chop and change to look good in any discussion....a classic argumentative.
Yes, when people spew crap, I'll take the bait and debate.

Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Maybe you don't take automotive engineering as any kind of science, but I certainly do, so will not rename something that is known in engineering circles because the masses know it as something else. Next we will be making up words like Nukular or engine dampener
Yeah, right, give me a break. I am both trained and have practiced in math, physics and mechanical engineering. But ultimately that is not all that relevant. Everyone who has driven one knows what turbo lag is and you want to use an alternate entirely non-standard definition. You can't come across any more tech/science savv by doing so, its just utter nonsense.

Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
Afterall it was you who previously stated - The language describing science must be very precise to be correct!
Yes and we all know turbo lag is the operating range of an engine before the large dynamic increase in power as a turbo system gains rpm and is finally able to build boost pressure, pump effectively and thus increase power. In this operating range such an engine will feel decidedly powerless and unresponsive to throttle inputs. Exactly what EVERYONE knows and calls turbo lag (apparently except you). We also know that a hypotentical 3 liter M4 with no boost will be lucky to make 300 hp. A lack of power, compared with perhaps 450 peak hp when the turbos are not at appropriately high rpm will be obvious. Now that being said we also know BMW is going to try all sort of trickery (trickery not in a bad way but in a good one) to try to reduce or possibly even eliminate turbo lag. Perhaps using triple turbos or even an electric turbo or both.

Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
And as for biases turning one into an isolationist, your overwhelming bias of the s65 and NA comes across very clear. If you were a neutral engineer, you would have shot down the 'instant throttle response' description of an NA. As we engineers all know ALL engines suffer from 'Lag' whether they have a turbo or not. You need to be precise describing science.
Bias is not the correct word. I enjoy the S65, independent of whether I own one or not. It is an absolute gem of an engine and the international motoring press have heaped praise on it as well. It also won International Engine of the Year in its class in case you forgot that important detail. Much of the praise for the engine includes is razor sharp throttle response. It is just about as lag free as possible as an engine can get.

Really, get with the program here. This is not even much of a debate or even discussion with you.
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