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Dear BMW, I HOPE You're listening

Some members might think this is silly, one's that are waiting along with me will agree. I know there has to be people from BMW that lurk around these forums for R&D and to collect feedback from consumers. I hope this letter finds it's way to the ear's of the decision makers at BMW.

Dear BMW,

I would like to say that I am so upset with the game you are playing by holding ALL of our new M3/M4's at port. We all know the "Software" update is not true as other members have taken delivery in other countries. Any software update can be completed by the dealer...

It is not right that you release the cars to dealers in other parts of the world. Dealers in Canada already have them in stock, Member's in the UAE already have taken possession of their M3's, Yet you make us, the "Americans" wait.

Do you not trust us? It is very insulting to say the least.

I have money in hand as well as deposits placed down on my M4. My advice to you is to take the money and run while it is there.

That is a smart business move. Not to make us all wait, knowing our cars are sitting collecting dust.

Further more, the lack of information or false information from dealers is all thanks to the BMW Rep's and BMWNA hotline who are more clueless than we are about our cars.

We have all waited long enough.

For those of us that have purchased launch cars or have cars at port sitting rotting outside, Please get them on trucks and let us get our cars.. Enough with the games.

A simple response from members as a sign of support might go a long way.

We are all fan's of BMW which is why we belong here to this forum, I think your fan's deserve their product they are paying you an arm and a leg for.

If this message actually works (which I don't think it will) But if it does, We will all be very grateful and it will not be forgotten.

If you don't, It will only leave a bad taste in my mouth.

We want more information BMW!
Thanks for reading.
If you didn't read this, Then thanks for nothing.