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Originally Posted by BMWAELBILAL View Post
i see u driving both of these cars u by ur self drive both these and see ur self which is better BMW always made good cars they are not going to stop know
and the new m3 and m4 are very excellent cars so yeah they are going to beat the Mercedes and Audi so dont say that they hated the rs5 because they dont and for ur information this is a fair fight
I'm not saying that the M4 isn't a great car. I'm not saying that it's not faster than the RS5 (particularly on the tracK). What I am saying is that this is the third "track battle" I've seen against the same exact 6 yr old car (the RS5). And it would be nice to see how the M4 competes against other rivals to the RS5 ie. e92 M3, 1series M, C63 507(which I'm sure it'll still be faster than all of these). Auto Express already preferred the E92 M3 to the RS5 5 years ago. Telling us the M4 is faster than a RS5 is a no-brainer - it better be. At this point it just seems more like an ego stroking comparison than anything else. Of course, when the M4 loses to newer rivals like the C7, the 911, the Jaguar F-Type, suddenly everyone on here wants to claim it's not a fair fight. I will say the video itself of the M4 drifting is a very nice. And that's one of the main reasons why I wanted the M4 because of its ability to powerslide.

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