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No next generation M3 sedan (F30)???? Poll.

I'm really bummed by that Automobile MAG report. I was really hoping that in a few years time, I would be able to fulfil my dream of having a M3 sedan as I love the idea of having a car that can perform well in the track and also seat 4&1/2 or 5 people comfortably. And no, I dont like SUV's.

From automobile mag article:
For the first time, there will be five different 3-series bodystyles. The four-door sedan, which will appear March 2012, touring wagon (Sep 2012), coupe (Sep 2013), and convertible (Mar 2014) will all follow the familiar 3-series formula. The newcomer to the family is the hatchback Grand Turismo version, set to appear in March 2013. The GT3 is much more lifestyle-oriented and sportier than the GT5. It has a deep and wide tailgate, but it is a single-piece unit rather than the heavy and complex two-piece hatch of the GT5, and there is more of a notchback silhouette to the rear end. In terms of height, the GT3 sits midway between the 3-series sedan and the GT5.
Please vote 'No'(option no.3 or no.4) on the Poll so that someone in the board of director's of BMW notices it and says "Wir haben einen großen Fehler gemacht. Wir sollen mal den hässlichen GT verschrottet werden und mit der Herstellung der M3 Limousine anfangen."
(Translation: "We've made a big mistake. We should let the ugly GT be scrapped and begin immediately with the manufacture of the M3 Sedan''.)
I hope that report is untrue.

I know that we won't be able to change the decision but it's better to try then to never attempt at it and make our voices heard. I'm sure that many people will vote to have a M3 sedan
And I'm also hoping this article is false

BTW, can someone tell me if the current M3 sedan is doing well in the 'sales' department or not?? I'm just wondering why BMW is doing this!

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